Fallow Restaurant London

Refried Beans

Overhead shot of refried beans with fried egg and bavette steak

This beautiful staple South American dish is wonderful served with steak and eggs for a weekend breakfast or brunch. Especially great when you want to treat or impress someone.

Black Pudding Rösti

Overhead shot of black pudding rösti with two fried eggs on top. All on a blue plate on a wooden background.

This mix of crispy potato rösti and crispy black pudding, lubricated with runny fried egg yolks is both nutritious and delicious.

Devilled Eggs Benedict

Overhead shot of Devilled Eggs Benedict on a white plate on a wooden table.

Just the perfect mix of impressive and easy. Once you’ve got your hollandaise and poached egg trekkers sorted, this is a really nice variation for any day of the week.

Waffles Suzette

Overhead shot of Malted Waffles Suzette with Cornish Clotted Cream, all on a white plate and marble background

Try these beautiful caramelised Waffles Suzette the next time you want to treat someone (or yourself) for breakfast or brunch.

Brown Butter Turkish Eggs

Overhead view of brown butter Turkish eggs in a beige speckled bowl with grilled sourdough toast, all on a marble background

This brown butter take on Turkish Eggs is perfect for a savoury breakfast treat on the weekend. It’s quite simple too!

Bordelaise Sauce

Overhead shot of Bordelaise sauce over steak on a white plate.

This classic sauce is usually served with beef, but it’s also great with pork or lamb.

Smoked Soubise

Overhead shot of smoked soubise sauce and grilled leeks on a white plate and marble counter top.

We’ve made a smoky version of the classic soubise sauce. It’s great on any meat or fish and also makes a great pasta sauce.

Red Wine Sauce

Overhead view of red wine sauce over a steak on a white plate and marble countertop

We’ve had a lot of requests to show how we make our demi-glace or what we sometimes call reduced stock. That recipe is contained within this red wine sauce. It’s definitely a process, but once you have a batch you can freeze in ice-cube trays and use them as stock cubes whenever you need a […]

Sauce Robert

Overhead shot of Sauce Robert in a white bowl on a wooden chopping board

Sauce Robert is a classic for grilled meats. For a more rustic and chunky sauce, serve as is. If you want to refine it slightly you can strain the sauce through a fine mesh sieve using the back of a spoon to push through as much flavour as possible.