Fallow Restaurant London

Bordelaise Sauce

Overhead shot of Bordelaise sauce over steak on a white plate.

This classic sauce is usually served with beef, but it’s also great with pork or lamb.

Smoked Soubise

Overhead shot of smoked soubise sauce and grilled leeks on a white plate and marble counter top.

We’ve made a smoky version of the classic soubise sauce. It’s great on any meat or fish and also makes a great pasta sauce.

Red Wine Sauce

Overhead view of red wine sauce over a steak on a white plate and marble countertop

We’ve had a lot of requests to show how we make our demi-glace or what we sometimes call reduced stock. That recipe is contained within this red wine sauce. It’s definitely a process, but once you have a batch you can freeze in ice-cube trays and use them as stock cubes whenever you need a […]

Sauce Robert

Overhead shot of Sauce Robert in a white bowl on a wooden chopping board

Sauce Robert is a classic for grilled meats. For a more rustic and chunky sauce, serve as is. If you want to refine it slightly you can strain the sauce through a fine mesh sieve using the back of a spoon to push through as much flavour as possible.

Chip Shop Curry Sauce

Overhead shot of chip shop curry sauce in a steel flat tray with two sliced sauces sitting the in the middle.

Who doesn’t love a good chip shop curry sauce to drench their chips and sausage in?

Chicken Butter Sauce

Overhead view of chicken butter sauce in a white bowl with a piece of fried chicken in the middle

This chicken butter sauce is perfect with a piece of beautiful fried or roasted chicken. We’ve topped it with some honey sriracha.

Tomato Sauce

Overhead shot of homemade tomato sauce with pasta in a white bowl on a marble tabletop

This is a simple homemade tomato sauce that can be made in 25 minutes start to finish. It’s perfect over your favourite pasta or gnocchi.


Overhead shot of BĂ©arnaise sauce in a dish on a marble background

Is this the ultimate sauce for steak and chips?