Fallow Restaurant London

Potato Waffles

Overhead view of sriracha beans on a homemade potato waffle. All on a white plate and wooden table top.

This waffle recipe will give you beautiful golden brown risen waffles. We’ve topped with sriracha pimped baked beans.

Beans on Toast

Overhead shot of homemade beans on toast on a white plate and wooden board

Sure, you can empty and can of beans on to some toast. But why do that when you can soak beans for 12 hours and make it like a chef?

Guinness Bread

Irish soda Guinness bread topped with smoked salmon and cucumber. All on a white plate on a wooden surface.

This Guinness Bread is a soda bread that doesn’t need any yeast. The rise of the bread is just down to the baking soda and buttermilk.